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About Us

The Fraser Commitment

Fraser Clinical Trials is a clinical research center that is dedicated to improve the health and quality of our patients through new and innovated therapies.

The Fraser Clinical team works with Investigators in multi-therapeutic areas serving New Westminster, Surrey and the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. For almost three decades, we have been helping physicians integrate research with their private practices. Fraser Clinical Trials is committed to supporting Physicians so they may offer innovated therapies to their patients. Fraser Clinical Trials delivers high quality data, maintains regulatory compliance, and supports all administrative aspects of the trial.

Goals of Fraser Clinical Studies

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Our goal has always been that, since The Royal Columbian Hospital/Fraser Health is a leading tertiary care center, it should participate in and make an important contribution to major international clinical studies at the leading edge of cardiology. There have been enormous advances in Cardiac Care in the last half century because of Cardiac Research and we have been involved in many of the studies that have changed the standard of care and have had a huge impact on the lives of our patients.


With the growth in cardiac care we have expanded to include electrophysiology, cardiac surgery and Cardiac Intervention.

History of Fraser Clinical Trials

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Fraser Clinical Studies started as “Royal Columbian Cardiology Research” and then became “Westcoast Cardiology.” The initial investigator and inspiration for the department was Dr David Hilton, who subsequently moved on to Victoria. Dr Hilton recruited Drs Dennis Rupka and Robin Kuritzky to participate in clinical research and they have led most of the studies at the Royal Columbian, over the 30 years of research. We’ve long ago lost count of how many studies we’ve participated in but it’s over 100! Dr Wendy Gordon has also been very helpful in her own studies and many of ours.


Eventually we expanded to multiple studies in multiple disciplines – Oncology – Respiratory – Nephrology – Pharmacy etc., and Katherine Haveman has assumed the role of Manager of the Research Department.