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What to Expect:

Clinical trials are a valuable part of the scientific learning process as well as the regulatory approval process for new medical therapies.  The primary goals of most clinical studies are to ensure that new investigational medical therapies or both safe and effective.  Your participation in a clinical trial is a valuable contribution to the process of advancing science and promoting health for our community.  The requirements and set-up of clinical studies can vary greatly, but you can expect all studies to have the following:

  1. You will always be fully informed of the visits, procedures, tests and treatments that you may receive during the study, and your decision to participate is always voluntary.
  2. Studies are overseen by a Board-Certified physician who is there to ensure that participants are closely monitored for safety purposes and to evaluate the effects of the study treatment.
  3. Studies are also overseen by an Institutional Review Board (IRB). The IRB’s sole purpose is to protect study volunteers rights and safety throughout a study.
  4. You can choose to stop participating in a study at any time for any reason.

When participating in a study at Fraser, you will be provided with instructions and guidance throughout the study to ensure that the study is carried out correctly.  Our medical staff, which may include doctors, nurses, and other specialized medical professionals, will closely monitor your health throughout the study to determine if the study treatment is working, and to identify any potential side effects of the treatment.

You, your loved ones and future generation can all benefit from your participation in a clinical study.  At Fraser, we value your decision to participate, and we strive to make participation a positive experience for all of our volunteers.

If you would like to find out more about participation, give us a call or see our FAQ page.